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dog training

After 6 years of walking dogs and learning about training, practicing for fun, and some encouragement from clients and a mentor trainer I finally decided to officially go for it! 

I found over the years working with reactive dogs to be my favorite aspect and pursued a certification focused on this. Living with a reactive dog can be very challenging and isolating for both the dog and human. I love working with these families to expand their bubbles and help them live less isolating lives. Through management and training both the dog and parent can learn how to have more enjoyable walks with less outbursts. In addition to reactivity I will be offering training for general needs, from puppy training, loose leash walking, how to use a long line, and much more!

When I started learning about dog training I was first exposed to positive reinforcement training. As I continued my research I found balanced training and liked how they talked about "communicating" with your dog. I started to follow this path for a short period and as I was applying the new techniques I was learning I found myself unable to commit to the corrections and finding the change in my dogs behavior and spirit to be disheartening. I went back to the drawing board and revisited positive reinforcement techniques, found a great mentor and started to see amazing changes after I learned the important subtleties of learning theory and how to apply the mechanics properly! Most of all, training was fun again for both me and the dogs. Instead of looking for all the “no’s” to correct I was finding all the amazing “yes’s” to reward that my dogs showed me each day. Training with your dog should be fun for both of you and I can't wait to share this with you!


The dog training industry is unregulated and anyone such as myself who has worked with dogs for a long time and studies the topic regularly (or not) could call themselves a dog trainer. Becoming a certified trainer was an important part of my journey to solidify my learning and skills. No matter who you choose to help with learning how to train your dog, be sure they have a current accredited certification(s). There is a big difference between a hobby trainer and one who has and continues to invest time and money into their education. Check out my current certifications below along with those in progress! 



"schools in session"

Not sure you have enough time to train or do you want to keep consistency in your training plan?


Learning walks are a great way to keep your dogs training consistent and get in extra practice when life gets busy. Or I can establish a new skill for you and then teach you what your dog knows through a transfer skills session if you don't have the time to train the desired skill(s).



"let's learn together"

New to dog ownership/training, unsure of how to handle problematic behaviors or just want to build a better
relationship with your dog?


Learn the skills needed to effectively communicate with your dog to teach them new skills, prevent problem behaviors or work through problem behaviors, and/or build a stronger relationship with your dog!





"help empower me to make better choices!"

Behavior Adjustment Training or BAT is a training protocol to help reactive or fearful dogs overcome their negative
feelings about their trigger(s) and over aroused greetings learn a calmer approach. BAT is also a great framework for puppy socialization.


Typically these triggers are dogs or humans. BAT empowers animals to make better choices when faced with their triggers so you both can have a more enjoyable and relaxing walk together. 

rems and alice.jpg


Aggression in Dogs



How Behavior works: Living and Learning with Animals

Certifications In Progress:

CBATI-SA certified behavior adjustment instructor-skills assessed

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)


Prices for Aspen Glen to Willits here.

Partial training scholarships available for those who cannot access high quality, humane training due to cost. Full scholarships available to newly adopted shelter dogs. Contact us to find out more and to apply or to donate to our scholarship fund!

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