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about our services

Leaving your pet... home is sometimes necessary, but not preferable for you. We strive to love your pet as you do, while providing you with as much communication as you’d like, to create a trusted bond not only with your fur baby, but with parent as well.


We send text updates after each service with a synopsis of our time together AND fun photos from our visit! We can send you more or less information upon request, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

15 MIN


"let me out!!"

For those dogs that just need a little time for potty breaks, sunshine, or belly rubs to break up their day.


Sometimes, as a pet parent, you just need a helping hand and we're around as your reliable and consistent option! 

30 MIN


"let's hang out!"

Play time, potty breaks, walks, dinner, medication, physical therapy, or just simply pets and attention?


Whatever is needed while you’re
away, we are happy to provide.


We customize care completely depending on your request!


"time to get physical!"

Let's go for a walk in the neighborhood, play with your pack friends, or work on basic manners while we exercise. 

Our drop in visit routine is completely up to you and your pup's needs!



"the mountains are calling

and we must hike"

Who is ready for a trail hike, nature smells, and fresh air in beautiful, western CO!

Perfect for those dogs who need a decompression hike, a change of scenery, or more time outside to cut loose.

All off leash dogs are equipped with Garmin GPS collars for extra peace of mind. Group size is an average of 2 with a max of 3.



"did someone say sleepover?"

Care in the comfort of your pet's own home, instead of an unfamiliar kennel.


From one night to extended stays, we are here when you can't be. Relax on your vacation while being updated on your pet's stay-cation with our

text updates and pictures.


Overnight care includes a 30-min walk in the AM and PM as well as an overnight caretaker. Hours of

overnight stay are 6PM to 8AM.


Prices for Aspen Glen to Willits here.

Contact us for more information at

Other animals / requests

We don't discriminate at Dog's Best Friend!
We also love cats, fish, bunnies, birds, guinea pigs, etc. as much as our canine friends!
Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

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