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from a few of our furry friends

breakin' hearts

and blastin' farts



(grunts * pants)...

err hi! pet me?!

My name is Mickey, but you might know me as meatball because I’m small, round, and meaty. If you've seen me on the streets you probably stopped to pet me!

(grunts * heavy breathing)


I love my exercise walks with my new best friends! I never used to get midday walks until Ashley watched me once overnight and my dad saw how much fun I had!


I begged my dad day and night until he finally booked me weekly walks! Now the adventures never end!

(grunts * sneeze * stretch * roll)



Have you seen me around the neighborhood? ...well I can’t say I’ve seen you... (HA I’m blind and funny), but I’d recognize you by your scent.


I've got a cool, purple harness and I'm super cute, so I hear. Most people don't even know I'm blind because of how well I get around!


I was rescued as a stray with a bad eye infection and lost my sight when I was young. But THEN I got adopted by mom and now I live the dream life here in CO.


Sometimes my mom works long hours so my best smelling friends come over to take me for a walk, give me dinner, and my ice cube for dessert!



(Jump * Pant * Licks)

HI! I’M...I’m…well...I’m not 100% sure...but anyways...WHAT’S YOUR NAME DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS YUP I’m so fluffy I’m not sure when my body ends BIRD and my fur begins I love everyone and everything and IS THAT A BALL I just want to WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BALL hike for years THROW THE BALL and live at the dog park making friends SQUIRREL and run and hike and play and LOVE ME did you see me run through that tunnel I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY I just love you you’re the best THROW THE BALL AGAIN I need my best friends because I am a ball of energy and my parents need help tiring me out AND DID SOMEONE SAY BALL!

Sully Pux


Our best friends jokingly call us “the detectives” because we're always sniffing out crime and searching the house for clues (read: for food) when you leave us alone.


We’re low to the ground but we can defy the laws of physics and find our way to the top of the kitchen counter if you leave your sandwich there.


We insist you pet us if you’re on the couch. And our best friend’s can’t ever say “no” because their will is no match for our cuteness.


I, Sully, like my personal space, so I remind the humans not to pet me too much (and only with one finger)!



Things I do not like: Petco commercials, doorbells, and any dogs from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Things I do like: My mom, being the little spoon, and my new best friends since my injury.


I fell of a bed one night and slipped a disc in my back. It’s been a ruff recovery since then. I had back surgery and currently attend water physical therapy to regain strength in my back legs.

DBF carefully straps me in my new wheelchair for our walks - and now I’m just a little sushi on the roll. They even have to leash me because I can RUN. My new friends come and stay with me all day and sometimes longer than needed because they seem to love me so much. And my mom seems to feel less worried about me knowing I’m getting the exercise and special care I need.



I like to think of myself as a ladies man. I love humans, especially the ladies, but not other dogs so much. My best friends don't take me around other dogs, and I like it that way. 


I love my mom the most. She sometimes likes to go mountain biking in the desert, but I don't mind so much anymore when she leaves, because it just means it's time for another staycation with my BFFs. Plus they know where my meds are, so I stay calm. 


I love that they snuggle me when mom isn't home. They give me lots of peanut butter kongs and brush me in the yard. I can get anxious, but never with them, because they stay with me at home.


I haven't seen the inside of a kennel in years!

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