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from a few of our DBF families

Team Juniper

Working with Ashley has been transformational for my dog Juniper! Our leash walks are much more relaxing, controlled, and enjoyable for both of us. Ashley has helped me understand Juniper's feelings, body language and triggers, and how I can help her manage them. Our improved communication makes our relationship that much more connected and fulfilling. We're so grateful to have Ashley on Team Juniper!

Team Bowie

Working with Ashley has been nothing short of life changing for me and my pup. We have completed 7 sessions and I’m already seeing changes in my dog’s confidence and behavior. This is a testament to her skill and knowledge. It is clear that Ashley is incredibly well-informed on dog behavior and put my nervous pup at ease immediately upon meeting him. She is also super reliable and flexible as well. And just a kind and joyful person. A pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough!

Team Kittles

Ashley has helped us multiple times over the years with questions and concerns about our dog, Kit, who spent the first part of her life at a puppy mill. Ashley was always incredibly helpful and gave fantastic advice concerning Kit’s social anxiety, fearfulness, and difficulty adapting to new places/routines. When we decided to trial some anxiety medication, Ashley worked with us on training and helped support us as we worked through the medication process. The in home training session she did with us and Kit taught us some hands on ways to help manage her anxiety and boost her confidence. We immediately started applying what we were taught, and we’ve seen a big difference in Kit and her anxious behaviors. Ashley is super responsive, knowledgeable, and flexible; she really cares about her clients and it absolutely shows. We’re so appreciative of her expertise, and she is forever our go to person for help with dog behavior. We can’t recommend Ashley enough!

Team Chief and Bronte

Ashley is wonderful! She is one of the few people that I have ever trusted my dogs with, She is someone who genuinely cares about the welfare of dogs, She has a wealth of knowledge, and is always striving to learn more and do the best she can for our canine companions. I have a German shepherd who was attacked and then became leash reactive, Ashley helped me extensively with finding ways to set up scenarios so that she could be successful and have positive experiences being close to friendly dogs. When I got my puppy, I knew to call Ashley. He was timid at first but with proper socialization and Ashley's ability to find safe dogs for him to meet he has become so much more confident. She has helped me problem solve many different scenarios within the home, and she has always been a helpful to any questions I have had. She puts so much effort and time into each interaction with my dogs, and they are literally obsessed with her. Thank you Ashley for all of your help in taking care of us!

Team J

Ashley is helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. She gave us lots of practical ideas for how to help our dog. It can be hard to find a dog-trainer you can trust, but we trust Ashely with our dog completely.

Team Maisy

We started working with Dogs Best Friend when we brought our 8-week old puppy, Maisy, home.  Ashley started working with us and Maisy a few days later and now Maisy is almost a year old and Ashley has become part of our family.  The work that she and her team do is incredible.  Training with love, patience, kindness, positive reinforcement and redirection, has made a huge difference in how we all settled in to life together, and in the formation of Maisy's personality.  Ashley's gentle and firm guidance to both my husband, me and our pup has been incredible!  We trust the DBF team implicity with not only training, but learning walks, pet sitting,  and boarding .  It is a great partnership and we have learned so much from our experiences over the last year.   While in the beginning we focused purely on puppy training, over the months we have moved to twice weekly learning walks which offer training and socialization with other DBF clients.  When we see an issue, we talk with Ashely and figure out the best approach to dealing with it.  After every visit, DBF send pictures and notes which is appreiated and super helpful.  Can not say enough about this team and their work.   They are part of our family!

Team Juniper

Juniper (my dog) and I are both so incredibly grateful for Ashley! We first got to know Ashley through dog walking and this has transitioned to training as Ashley has taken on additional training and certifications, although she was already so knowledgeable before doing any of that from her experience with dogs. Juniper LOVES Ashley and feels incredibly safe in her care. Ashley has been there for a lot of Juniper's journey and I can say that Juniper has made some amazing strides because of Ashley's care and expertise. With Ashley's help, Juniper continues to widen her circle of both dog and human friends - as a result, I have seen a sillier, more confident dog emerge. Because of Ashley, I've seen her move through previously difficult interactions with ease and sometimes even a happy, wiggly body. I am also a much more confident pet parent! Ashley also goes out her way to educate herself on any topic that might be of particular interest - whenever a scenario for training presented itself, Ashley was there first to do the research or to consult other experts in the field. You are in great hands if you work with Ashley!

Team Disco

I consider Ashley and the DBF team a part of my dog Disco’s family. Ashley and her team members are effective, loving, and communicative. They actively listen, validate, and problem-solve solutions that will help Disco and myself lead a better life. To give an example, Ashley helped me in implementing a visitor protocol so Disco and I can feel navigate the potential trigger of new people visiting our house. Implementing visitor protocol has not only helped me see strengths and progress in Disco, it makes me feel proud and confident as his primary caregiver — excited to spend time with him and see him thriving. This is just one example of how Ashley’s training and DBF’s care has helped me, and I have many more examples to give.

Team Cooper

Dog’s Best Friend is the perfect name for Ashley’s business! Our puppy Cooper feels safe with her and is consistently excited to see her. She’s knowledgeable, reliable, and very patient with both dogs and their owners. Ashley set up Cooper’s first playdate, boarded him on our first trip without him, and continues to work with us on training. Following her training walk visits (perfect when we are out of the house several hours), she sends photos and a report of what skills were worked on and how Cooper did. In our 2 months of working together, she’s been a tremendous help. We highly recommend DBF and look forward to a long relationship.

Team Emmie, Fenrir, Addy

I have worked with Ashley and the team for five years. I trust them with my search and rescue dog, my aggressive dog, and my puppy. Ashley has helped me work through so much training in a kind and scientific way. She always has the dogs well being in mind while also seeing progress at every session. Her continued education and back round in science and teaching is such an asset! I cannot thank Dogs Best Friend enough for all their wonderful help throughout the years.

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